The most beautiful ports in Italy

Each port has its own particularities that distinguish it from others and contribute to making it unique and interesting. In addition, every region of Italy “hides” marinas with timeless charm … these little jewels seem to come out of a painting …

Prestige boats

Yacht Suite gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience of its kind. Prestigious yachts, comfortable, complete with living areas and suitable for all needs make your stay in our boats unique and magical. The wide range of proposals will give you the chance to live even for a day in luxury and extravagance.

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Yacht Suite was born in April 2017 in the port of Maremma in Marina di Grosseto, when with my husband we had reached a crossroads, decide whether to sell our boat or keep it, but finding a way to contain the costs of its management.

We have a child of three years, named Lorenzo, fascinated by the sea and in love with his “red boatCorinna. Every time he is on board he expresses all his joy.

The dream of our child has pushed us not to sell the boat and to create a “PROJECT” that would allow us to cope with the running costs. Secondly, but not of minor importance, we wanted to make people experience the same emotion we see in the eyes of our baby.

For this reason we have created a formula that on the one hand has the task of bringing people closer to the sea and to nautical culture; on the other hand it helps ship owners like us to meet the costs of running a boat.

Armed with great conviction we got to work.

As for all the activities we initially found difficulties mainly bureaucratic, then managed with great transparency and precision. Everywhere we have received admiration and favorable opinions for the ambitions and the particularity of the Yacht Suite project.

Our first year of activity was very intense and immediately we had an excellent response from all our customers, who have immediately gratified us with their reviews.

What we saw in the Yacht Suite is not just a night in a hotel room, but a unique experience, with the result of transmitting an emotion and a passion for the sea.

With a direct management of the boats, we have thus decided to expand the fleet of boats, so as to launch the “YACHT SUITE” brand as synonymous with the guarantee and quality of the Italian nautical lifestyle.

Spread the word, there was nothing left but to better manage the thing, always trying to improve and proposing new solutions and innovative services to our consolidated and potential customers.

But the most important thing is the “atmosphere” that we want on board our boats during our stay. The difference is not only the aesthetics, but the way in which the boats and the rooms are furnished, with their design and of course the technological solutions that the yachts are equipped with. An authentic experience that fills your heart and mind, with the result of transmitting an emotion and passion for the sea.

To our son