Concerts at sunset

The first edition of “Concerti al Tramonto” was born from an idea of the “22 December” movement; 4 concerts born from the need to offer tourists and citizens of Sorrento moments of Neapolitan music and new sound contaminations in a natural context.

In the unique position of Piazza della Vittoria the combination of musical “notes” and “suggestion” of the place will be harmonized.

In this sense, it is essential the element of “extemporaneousness” of the event, which has not provided for the preparation of stages and plates, as the square in the time slot and the sunset is already a destination for many visitors and / or passers-by, called from the beauty of the panorama of the Gulf of Naples; also the pre-existing conformation of the square (benches, “walls” and stairs) allows natural “sessions” to enjoy the expected LIVE.

These are the dates: 29 May, 26 June, 31 July, 28 August 2018

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