Frequently asked questions

What kind of service is provided on board?

The service offered is that of accommodation on board the yacht, the staff will deliver the boat that will remain moored in port. There are many ways to experience the sea and it is also possible to rent. If you want a cruise of absolute rest, you can rent with crew, consisting of skipper and hostess, who take care of both navigation and preparing meals and cleaning the common areas.

How should we calculate costs and expenses?

The overnight costs are set at the time of booking and no additional costs are charged in the structure, except for a deposit required at check-in to cover any damage on board, and will be returned upon inspection at check out.

With regard to rental prices, these vary depending on the location, the season, the number of guests, the distances traveled, the days spent in the ports, and the level of luxury offered. When hired, the captain will keep you informed of expenses such as fuel, port and mooring expenses, communication charges, provisions and consumption of wine and spirits. At the end of the rental you will be given a detailed report.

Can you park in the marina?

Each port will have a different service offered; some marinas have parking included in the price of accommodation, others have nearby paid or free on the road.
At the time of booking, the type will be promptly notified.

Are there towels, sheets, crockery ... on the boat?

Each boat is supplied with bed linen (sheets, blankets, pillows). The boats are also provided with towels (those for personal use).
The kitchen on the boat is equipped with a fridge, sink, dish for food and cutlery; It is not possible to prepare food on board.

Which places to visit?

If you have doubts about which places to visit, take a look at the suggested itineraries and information on the cities where the boats sail from. Ask us if you need more detailed information on what to see, where to go, how to have fun, where to swim …

How to deal with children on board?

Even very young children can stay with you on board, there is no age limit for the child, it all depends on you and your experience on board only requires continuous attention from adults when there are children too. Bring suitable toys to stay on board, different clothes and medicines.

Can you board before the time indicated for check-in?

If you arrive in the marina long before the time required for boarding (usually the boat is delivered by 2:00 pm), please inform us of the approximate time of your arrival and we will try to hasten the preparation of the boat.