We provide you with some tips on how to live your life and enjoy your stay on our yachts without any worries.



When we happen to go on a yacht, seasickness is a disadvantage that often afflicts passengers. The comforts are compared to a hotel room. Problems could arise either from our psychological state of anxiety, or from a particularly agitated sea that jerks the vehicle. In the first case, we try to take relaxing herbal teas, and avoid too heavy foods and alcoholic beverages for dinner, which could disturb our sleep. In addition, for a method also valid in the case of rough seas, on the market we can find many products, some of herbal medicine other real drugs, appropriate for seasickness, which will allow us to spend the night in peace.

What to bring

Do not take the suitcases as suitcases, but only bags that are soft and not bulky: the aim is not just to occupy as little space as possible (the soft bags can be easily tucked between one place and another) but also to avoid injuring the wooden interior of the boat; It is no coincidence that the trolley cases are always complete with metal handles and wheels. I chose a mini backpack that I was very useful and practical.

Life on board

Sleeping in a boat is synonymous with practicality: shoes can not be worn on board but you need to stand barefoot or use non-slip socks. Just as I had specified for the suitcases, the same goes for the metal parts that can damage the interior of the boat. Clearly this argument can also be extended to clothing that must be appropriate to the occasion: hats, comfortable trousers and spare t-shirts are the must-have for sleeping on the boat. Sleeping on a boat means first of all adapting: it’s a bit like living in a floating Ikea showroom! the spaces are designed and designed to take advantage of every corner.

Optimize onboard consumption.

Optimize consumption on board: water in the boat is a precious commodity, and should therefore be used sparingly. Since there are tanks on board and sooner or later they run out, it is essential to close the taps when you are not washing. Electricity is supplied with the 220Volts power cable, so in this case you can give yourself some “extra home comfort”.

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